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NL restaurant inspection reports to go online.

Campus Administrator
NL restaurant inspection reports to go online.
by Campus Administrator - Friday, 23 November 2012, 10:25 AM
Published on November 22, 2012
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The provincial government moved to put restaurant inspection reports online today, making them more publicly available.

Service NL Minister Nick McGrath said the reports have always been available on request, but that access will now be easier.

Reporters were told that this is just one step in the government's efforts to be more transparent.

Public engagement minister Keith Hutchings said the announcement today is, "all about making access easier."

Representatives of the restaurant industry were at the government announcement, and embraced the move, saying it will bolster public confidence.

While inspection reports have always been accessible upon request through the regional Government Service Centres (GSC), the new system will allow information from these reports to be made available online in PDF format.

Reports are generally posted by inspectors on a monthly basis and though the new online tool captures inspections from April 1, 2012 onwards, older inspection reports are still available in paper copy from the GSCs.