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Norovirus blamed for illness among resort guests

Campus Administrator
Norovirus blamed for illness among resort guests
by Campus Administrator - Tuesday, 26 March 2013, 1:48 PM

About 20 Rodd Mill River Resort guests reported ill during March 2-4 stay

WOODSTOCK — Several of the people who became ill during, or shortly following, their March 2 to 4 stay at the Rodd Mill River Resort were likely coming down with the illness before they arrived on the premises, deputy public health officer Dr. Lamont Sweet says.

The Provincial Health Office has confirmed the illness was caused by the norovirus, which is currently circulating across P.E.I.

“It appears that several people were developing it before they got to stay there, because they came down with symptoms very soon after they got there, too soon for them to have gotten it from water or food, or even from someone else there,” Sweet said.

About 20 people who stayed at the Rodd that weekend became ill either during their stay or within 48 hours of going home, Sweet reported.

The norovirus, Sweet said, has one of the shortest incubation periods for viruses.

“The books tell you it can be within eight hours of exposure to it.”

He noted the virus has been spreading across the province for the past month and has settled down somewhat in the past week.

He commended the resort for its quick response to the situation.

“They were not only cooperative, but they seemed to be out doing things before we even asked them to."

He said the resort seemed to have taken in extra staff and quickly cleaned surfaces to help prevent the spread of the viruses from surface contact.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures remain in effect. No further clusters of illness have been reported to resort management or the Health Office over the past week.