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Keeping Dry Goods Safe Until Use

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Keeping Dry Goods Safe Until Use
by Lisa Waechter - Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 12:09 PM

It is important to maintain proper storage facilities for all food items in a food service establishment. Guidelines and procedures for storing dry foods or foods that are shelf-stable are distinctly different from those that apply to refrigerated or frozen items.

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Proper Dry Food Storage Guidelines for Foodservice Businesses

One of the first lines of defense in the fight against foodborne illness is your establishment’s storage facilities. Dry food storage is where shelf-stable foods will be stored until they’re ready to be prepared and served to your customers. Having improper storage practices can lead to decreased quality of food, and sometimes even leading to the growth of foodborne bacteria. It’s extremely important that foodservice professionals enforce proper food storage procedures and guidelines at all times in order to avoid spoiled and degraded dry food items.


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