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Common mistakes in the kitchen

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Common mistakes in the kitchen
by Lisa Waechter - Friday, 14 June 2019, 12:40 PM

It’s all too easy to get careless or overconfident in the kitchen, but even making a simple mistake can have serious long-term consequences, especially for food service workers or those cooking for large groups of people. No matter how experienced you feel you are in the kitchen, it’s important to be aware of common food safety guidelines - it could help you avoid contracting or spreading serious food borne illnesses. Here are some of the most commonly made food safety mistakes in the kitchen.

Stop Making These Dangerous Food Safety Mistakes

Washing raw meat or poultry

While it might seem like a good idea to rid your meat or poultry of bacteria by washing it prior to cooking, doing so can actually lead to bigger problems. Washing raw meat and poultry products can actually spread bacteria all around your kitchen. Even small droplets of water that have touched contaminated meat products can spread it to your kitchen sink, counters, and other surfaces. The best way to disinfect your meat and poultry products is to cook it to its intended internal temperature.

Keeping raw and cooked food together

Whether you’re cooking or storing food, it’s critical that you keep raw and cooked foods separate. Keeping them together can easily spread foodborne bacteria from the raw food onto the cooked food, contaminating the cooked food that you believe to be safe to eat. When storing raw and cooked food, make sure to keep them in separate containers, and to disinfect surfaces touched by raw food before placing cooked food on it.


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