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Grocer fined after best-before dates changed on repackaged chicken

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Grocer fined after best-before dates changed on repackaged chicken
by NFSTP Administrator - Friday, 27 April 2007, 9:22 AM

Canadian Press (Ontario)
THUNDER BAY -- A family-run grocery store has, according to this story, been fined $7,500 for improperly receiving meat shipments from Manitoba and changing the expiration date on packages of chicken.

Renco Foods Ltd. pleaded guilty Tuesday to two violations of the Meat Inspection Act and one count under the Consumer Packing and Labelling Act.
The company and its owner, Rocco Larizza, faced a total of 22 charges stemming from a Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigation.

The matter was set for a three-day trial in Ontario Court, but proceedings were cut short when the Thunder Bay company agreed to plead guilty to three infractions.

Court heard that on Nov. 5, 2004, inspectors made a routine visit to the Renco store and noticed 26 turkeys in boxes that didn't have proper markings or stampings.

The story says that a followup visit on June 28, 2005, resulted in the seizure of pork bellies, which also did not have inspection stamps.

Dubinsky said the two suppliers, Precision Trading and Crescent Multi Foods, are both based in Winnipeg and were licensed by the Manitoba government.
However, they weren't registered with the federal government, which meant they weren't allowed to ship meat to another province.

The third charge admitted to by Renco stemmed from the visit on June 28, 2005.
While at the premises, the inspectors noticed chicken parts had been repackaged, which is allowed. However, some newly packaged items had different stickers.

The only information that was changed from the original sticker was the expiration date.