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What are the options for writing the certification exam?

(Last edited: Thursday, 4 October 2018, 2:27 PM)

There are 3 (three) possible ways to write a food safety certification exam:

  1. on paper, with an exam administrator (trainer/proctor) in the room;
  2. online, with an exam administrator (trainer/proctor) in the room;
  3. online, while connected to our affiliated web proctor service.

Paper exams require additional time for scheduling, as the exam material must be ordered and shipped to the exam administrator prior to the exam.  Additionally, they usually require about 2 weeks to process before exam results are released.

With the two online exam options, results are displayed on the screen as soon as the final question is submitted. Passing an online exam also allows an exam badge to be automatically awarded.The badge details can be printed and used as immediate proof that the exam has been completed and that certification is being processed. Certification is NOT granted the moment the exam is passed, as the training and exam must be reviewed by our administrative team during processing.

If you are taking the training through your organization, there is a good chance that a proctor for your exams has already been arranged. Contact your supervisor or someone within your organization to let them know that you have completed your online training. You will be required to prove eligibility prior to scheduling the exam.

Certified Trainers and Certified Proctors are NOT permitted to provide exam administration via web cam. All Certified Trainers and Proctors must physically be in the same room with a test taker in order to administer the food safety certification exam. Anyone wishing to use the web proctor service must follow all of the steps within the online training in order to schedule, purchase, connect and complete the food safety certification exam.

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