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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission and Vision

Freeborn & Associates Inc. are leading designers of food safety training for the food service industry in Canada. Our mission is to help food service operators serve safe food to their customers; our vision is to create a culture of food safety wherever food is being prepared and consumed. With these goals in mind, we provide interactive educational tools to educate people at all levels of the organization - from those who manage food service operations to those who prepare and serve the food.

Our Values

We care about every customer’s experience.

We conduct ourselves honestly and ethically.

We work together with each other and with our customers to continuously improve.

We manage for the common good of our community, our employees and our business.

We believe our success is achieved by living our values.

Company Background

Freeborn & Associates Inc. was founded in 1997. The timeline below will highlight the company’s success and growth as food safety educators in Canada.


  • Freeborn is contracted to certify employees at all of CARA Operations Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet locations across Canada. Today, more than 20 years later, we continue to count all CARA brands as our clients.


  • Kostuch Publications contracts Freeborn to oversee administration of ServSafe® in Canada.


  • The National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation (NRAEF) invites Freeborn & Associates Inc. to participate in the development of a new version of their American program called ServSafe Essentials®.


  • Freeborn & Associates Inc. are asked to advise on the development of two new Canadian food safety training programs.


  • HACCPHelp!™ Software is created to assist foodservice operators in creation of their HACCP plans.


  • We win the Foodservice Consultants Society International’s (FCSI)Management Services Award for development of HACCP Systems.


  • Restaurants Canada (formerly CRFA) contracts Freeborn to develop and roll out train-the-trainer sessions for the National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP). Over 400 trainers were accredited that year alone!


  • Restaurants Canada forms an alliance with Freeborn & Associates Inc. to have them provide food safety certification to its membership and the industry at large.
  • Freeborn & Associates Inc. wins another FCSI Award – this one for its work on development of the NFSTP food safety the train-the-trainer program.


  • Another first with the creation of a more secure plastic certification wallet cards.


  • Freeborn & Associates Inc. reinvents the NFSTP adding a new Student Workbook and all new Training Materials.
  • NSFTP goes online with the creation of a Learning Management System dedicated to delivery of the first e-learning food safety certification for managers and support forums for NFSTP Trainers and Proctors.
  • Freeborn & Associates Inc. creates an interactive food safety game NFSTP Trainers can use to energize their class and assess the knowledge of learners.


  • Freeborn & Associates Inc. continues to leverage technology developing a method to integrate the food safety certification course with our client’s LMS’s. Another first.


  • York Region health authorities contract Freeborn & Associates Inc. to develop an e-learning version of their YorkSafe® program and provide an LMS for hosting the training.


  • Still growing, Freeborn & Associates Inc. opens a large office in Collingwood complete with capacity to warehouse training materials and a complete shipping department. Customer Service, Program Administration, Instructional Design and IT departments are all centrally housed in this space. We also added a representative in Quebec dedicated to our business there.


  • With more plans for expansion, Freeborn & Associates Inc. launches the brand FoodSafetyMarket, with NFSTP being one of the programs offered, and more to come.
  • WHMIS e-learning course for the foodservice industry is launched.


  • FoodSafetyMarket introduces a line of 16 Food Safety Infographics, invovative teaching and review tools containing quick-reference information in a durable and splash-resistant format. Each individual infographic is available in 8 languages!

Differentiation from Our Competitors

We are in business to support our client’s success. This is the main thing we do that differentiates our business from our competitors. Below are a few points that illustrate how we do this.

Our ability to listen and provide the best possible solution to fit your needs. It takes more time and resources to operate this way but you, our customer, get the product and service you want. This is how we have built long lasting relationships with our customers. Everything else supports this core focus.

You won’t find a team with more comprehensive food safety and foodservice knowledge and experience. With decades of operational experience in the foodservice industry we understand the needs and challenges of operators. Our team of experts includes a quality assurance auditor, computer science expert, certified translator, instructional designer, a laboratory technician and a certified management consultant. Our combined knowledge and experience assure our clients they are getting the best food safety certification for their organization.

No other national provider of food safety training has more investment in infrastructure and talent to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Freeborn & Associates Inc. has invested in hardware and software to collect, track and analyse customer interactions so our service team have the technological resources they require. Most importantly we have invested in good people who, not only respond to customer’s needs, but anticipate them.

We constantly review our products, services and business processes to initiate changes that will benefit our clients. We have had many firsts from our train-the-trainer course focused on experiential learning; introduction of e-learning industry standards for food safety courses; introduction of more secure plastic certification wallet cards; to the best integration with client LMS’s in our industry. This is only the beginning because, for us, the only constant is change.

Our e-learning product is professionally created and hosted in a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). We make use of sound studios and professional narrators for audio; professional photographers and illustrators; and more interactions to engage learners. The professionalism of our products shows our customers how dedicated we are to their learning experience.

It is the things that we do differently than our competitors that represent the value our client’s enjoy when they invest in our services

Our Food Safety Super Heroes!

  • Marina coordinates and directs in-coming client requests. She will listen and ensure you get the appropriate resources to help you.

    Customer Servce Expert


  • Lisa has a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and many years in customer service. She will provide technical assistance to your team members taking the e-learning course. She will also support franchisee and corporate clients with any technical questions they might have.

    Tech Support and IT Manager


  • Alexandra comes to us with several years’ experience as a bilingual customer service specialist. She responds to requests for training materials and she grades exams. She will ensure training results are emailed to you within 10 business days (usually sooner) of the certification exam. Alexandra will also ship the certification wallet cards to you within 10 days of grading the exams.

    Program Administrator


  • Mirela has a B.Sc. and is a Certified Quality Assurance Auditor. Mirela’s knowledge and experience provides helpful insight into food safety management. She also helps train our clients in Quebec and helps them with questions they have about food safety.

    Q. A. Expert and Quebec Representative


  • Stephen has 10+ years of experience with instructional design goes a long way to customizing both Instructor Led Training (ILT) materials and e-learning courses to create the best training available.

    Instructional Designer


  • Nevenka will help with inquiries regarding invoicing. She also monitors client communications to back-up the rest of our team.

    Accounting Manager


  • Founder of Freeborn & Associates Inc., Kevin has a couple decades’ experience managing foodservice operations. He is a trained science technician, graduate of University of Guelph’s MBA program for hospitality and a Certified Management Consultant.

    Kevin’s job is to help facilitate the success of this team in their mission to provide great customer experiences. He is our dedicated resource for food safety and regulatory consultation and support.



Social Contract

We believe it is important to contribute to our community. Here are a few initiatives we have undertaken to be good corporate citizens.

This is an image of the logo for Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast Club of Canada

NEARLY 1 MILLION CANADIAN CHILDREN are at risk of getting nothing to eat before they go to school in the morning.

We have dedicated a recurring donation to the club to help ensure children get the nutrition they need to learn and become the leaders of tomorrow.

We encourage others in our generous industry to support this worthy cause.

Click here to visit the site.

Go to Breakfast Club of Canada

This image displays a logo for John Howard Society and Liaison College

David Lane Youth Success Fund

Through the support of John Howard’s programs and services, selected youth who have successfully overcome barriers in their lives and have been accepted and are enrolled in post secondary education/training at a trade school, community college or university, are awarded yearly bursaries to further support their educational goals. Recipients have typically experienced limited opportunities, poverty, difficult home lives, and many barriers to success, both academic and personal.

Recipients are eligible to apply for an Award each year of their post secondary program based on their successful completion of the previous year. Although having done well academically, recipients are not candidates for traditional scholarships and bursaries. Without the support of this Fund, recipients would not have the support needed to pursue their post secondary educational dreams.

We are happy to support the fundraising efforts for this worthy cause.

Click here for more information.

Go to Liaison College

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