NFSTP Train-The-Trainer Program

Course Description

National Food Safety Training Program -- Train-The-Trainer

This course is designed for those who are interested in becoming certified trainers. Trainers are able to deliver the National Food Safety Training Program in classroom settings, and invigilate NFSTP certification exams on paper or online.

Who Should Take the Course?

These sessions are suitable for individuals who have a background in foodservice, food safety or related fields and a basic knowledge of food safety principles and best practices.

  • Educators from high schools and post secondary institutions,
  • Consultants,
  • Corporate trainers,
  • Health Inspectors, and
  • Others with relevant experience or training.

Please note that as part of the Train-the-Trainer course, all participants will be tested on their food safety knowledge and that we reserve the right to withhold NFSTP trainer certification until a sufficient degree of food safety knowledge is demonstrated.

Prerequisite Qualifications

To become a NFSTP trainer you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have taken a nationally recognized food safety program (i.e. NFSTP, ServSafe, ADVANCED.fst, or FoodSafe level 2) in the past 5 years with a score of 90% or higher; or
  • Have taken a CTHRC train-the-trainer course; or
  • You are a Public Health Inspector; or
  • You are a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist or equivalent; or
  • You are en educator (high school or post secondary); or
  • You are an independant food safety consultant/trainer; or
  • You are a Corporate Trainer.

If you have other qualifications that you feel qualify you to become a NFSTP Trainer please contact our head office at 1-888-829-3177. Evidence of your qualifications will be required.

Course Outline

The Train-the-Trainer sessions will help you develop the training skills you need to effectively deliver the National Food Safety Training Program.

Course content includes:

  1. Practical Lesson Planning
  2. Determining Training Needs
  3. Working with Adult and Special Needs Learners
  4. Communication Skills for Trainers
  5. Effective Use of NFSTP Training Aids
  6. Practice Training Session and Evaluation
  7. Administering an NFSTP Training Session
  8. Additional Training Resources
Course Features

Some of the features of our TTT class are:

  • All participants will receive their own full-colour copy of the NFSTP Student Workbook.
  • All participants will receive a copy of the Train-The-Trainer Participant Guide
  • All classes are led by master trainers.
  • Information is presented through Powerpoint presentations, product demonstrations, as well as through class interactions.

Course Duration

The NFSTP TTT course is typically run over 2 days. At the end of the first day, participants requiring food safety certification have an opportunity to write the NFSTP certification exam. On the second day, there is a short review period, then all participants will writie the NFSTP Trainer certification exam. Afterwards, all participants will be required to do a short presentation on a previously assigned topic.


We have established high standards for our NFSTP trainers.

Designation as a certified trainer with NFSTP is contingent on three levels of evaluation:

  1. Food safety knowledge: trainers must receive a grade or 90% or higher on the NFSTP certification exam. Trainers who re-certify must also maintain this level.
  2. Presentation skills: trainers must receive a passing grade on the in-class presentation (as evaluated by the session leader).
  3. Knowledge of training practices: trainers must receive a grade of 80% or higher on the Train-The-Trainer exam.

Certified NFSTP trainers will receive an official NFSTP wallet card, with Trainer ID provided on the back.

Upcoming Sessions

Upcoming TTT Sessions

For the most part, our Train-The-Trainer courses are offered in the Spring and Fall. Our most popular locations are Toronto and Calgary, with Moncton also becoming more regular.

Fall 2017

Moncton, NB
Date: August 31 and September 1
8:30am - 5:00pm (both days)
Cost: $449 + applicable taxes
Location:Residence Inn by Marriott, Moncton
600 Main St, Moncton, NB E1C 0M6
LanguageThis class will be conducted in ENGLISH ONLY.
Extra InfoParking: On street and nearby parking lots.
Meeting Room: Acadian Room
Coffee,tea and muffins provided during the morning break.
Coffee and tea provided during the afternoon break.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource provides answers to frequently asked questions. You can search the complete FAQ database or read through the FAQs in each category.

Categories include:

  1. Enrollment Information
  2. Course Information
  3. Certification Information

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Trainer Certification

Full certification as a trainer with NFSTP

When all of your evaluations are complete and your grades have been verified, you will be notified by our team. Successful participants will be asked to complete the NFSTP Trainer Agreement. Once the completed agreement has been returned to us, you will be provided with access to several specialized areas of the FSM Campus, as well as the FoodSafetyMarket online store.

Access to the Trainer's Forum and the Proctor's Forum

The FSM Campus has two areas that require special access privileges: NFSTP Trainer's Forum and NFSTP Proctor's Forum.

The trainer's forum is an area where trainers can obtain downloads for class materials, catch up on news, exchange ideas with other trainers, and access additional food safety links.

The proctor's forum is an area dedicated to understanding the NFSTP certification exam. Trainers and proctors can use this forum to stay current on exam administration policies, both on paper and online.

If you already have an account on the Campus, your account will be granted the required privileges, and you will be informed by our head office. If you do not have an account on the Campus, you will receive instructions on how to create one.

Access to the FoodSafetyMarket online store

All training and exam materials are purchased through the FoodSafetyMarket online store. Certain materials, such as exam booklets, are not available to the general public, and are only accessible to store accounts with specific privileges.

You will receive an email providing your new username and password for the FoodSafetyMarket online store. This email will also contain instructions outlining how you will place your orders for training materials and exams. There is also a fairly detailed FAQ on the store outlining what you will need to order for various types of training.

Proctor credentials for online exams

All certified NFSTP trainers are automatically certified to invigilate NFSTP certification exams. These exams may be administered after the completion of NFSTP training.

Trainers and proctors will be required to enter their proctor credentials at the start of the exam in order for the test taker to proceed.

This proctor username and password will be provided by our head office. You will receive an email with this information, as well as instructions for proctoring online exams.

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